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Areas To Explore

Managing Anxiety/Stress

Have you found yourself with a feeling of tightness in your throat, racing heart or palpitations, dizziness, feeling panicky or shaking all over? You can learn to control these feelings and manage stress by identify your stressors and use relaxation skills.

Alcohol/Substance Abuse 

Do you find that your use affects your home/work life? Do your family/friends/employer comment on how your ‘use’ affects your relationships? Do you let them down by being late for work, for appointments? Would you like to know how your use is affecting your health? The above are some of the areas of your life that can be adversely affected by alcohol and/or substance use.

Loss and grief 

These are normal responses to the loss of someone or something significant in your life. This includes losing someone through terminal illness, suicide or accident. Learn the 6 steps of grief: 



‘Letting Go Of Baggage’ -When a relationship ends, for whatever reason, it is healthy to rid yourself of the baggage left behind and remind yourself of the positive aspects of the relationship.

Resolving conflict

Learn how to express yourself and resolve conflict in your relationships with family, friends or in the workplace. Unresolved conflict is unnecessary and stressful……… with it positively!

Communication Skills

Increase your ability to communicate effectively in your family and workplace. 

Renewing Family/Relationships

Is your relationship getting lost in the detritus of family and work-life? Renew your relationship using new skills to increase intimacy and potency with your partner. 

Family Violence

Family violence is classified as physical, emotional or psychological abuse. This includes putdowns, threats and name-calling. It is not ok. If you are a victim of family violence, we can support you to make change. If you are a perpetrator, you need to change your behaviour! (Based on the of Power & Control wheel).

Redundancy/Work Issues

Have you been made redundant? Are you experiencing self-esteem issues as a result? Do you want to increase your effectiveness and confidence?


Are you having negative thoughts? Do you struggle to feel ‘happy’? You can learn new strategies to deal with depression, and how to manage the impact and reduce the possibility of further episodes.

Health Issues

Have you or a member of your family been diagnosed or affected by serious/long-term health issues? Learn how to manage the impact and increase your quality of life despite these issues.